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Cut expenses

Cut expenses - how we can help...

Email correspondences
Emailing confirmation letters saves time(no stuffing envelopes), supplies(no paper, toner, envelope), and postage.   Save money on your print shop expenses as well. You can even attach maps and promotional material to your emails!
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Online reservations
Are you paying your hard earned cash to booking services? No more, house your own online booking system at your property!
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Owner statements
Email your monthly owner statements. Direct deposit for owner checks!
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Work orders
No more slips of paper for work orders. Create work orders on your computer. The maintenance department then updates the work order via a PC, tablet, or smartphone while performing the work. Inventory is updated for real time on hand counts. Owner statements are automatically updated from the work order!
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Web hosting/SSL certificates
You are probably paying way to much for web hosting and SSL certificates. Our affiliation with Go Daddy allows us to pass along substantial savings to you.
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Lower your support fees
We have the lowest yearly support fees in the industry. Pick up the phone and talk to someone who speaks English!